Applique Embroidery Designs

Applique designs are created using fabric for part of the design. Below are simply pictures of the designs, and your design can be created using any color of fabrics and thread. Simply enter your design color choices when entering your design choice in your shopping cart. We will use fabric and thread to match your choices.

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 redoneframe  redoneframe2  whale tail

Applique Oval Birds

Applique Oval Lady Bugs

Applique Whales Tail

DBJJ351-BEAR small DBJJ351-PIG small DBJJ351-MOUSE small

Applique Simple Bear

Applique Simple Pig

Applique Simple Mouse

DBJJ351-SHEEP small

DBJJ351-MONKEY small

DBJJ351-FROG small

Applique Simple Sheep

Applique Simple Monkey

Applique Simple Frog

DBJJ351-TURTLE small

DBJJ351-DUCK small

DBJJ351-CAT small

Applique Simple Turtle

Applique Simple Duck

Applique Simple Cat
DBJJ351-ELEPHANT small DBJJ351-LION small DBJJ351-BUNNY small
Applique Simple Elephant Applique Simple Lion Applique Simple Bunny
DBJJ319-5 small DBJJ319-7 small DBJJ319-8 small
Applique Monster 1 Applique Monster 2 Applique Monster 3
DBJJ319-9 small DBJJ319-3 small DBJJ319-2 small
Applique Monster 4 Applique Monster 5 Applique Monster 6
DBJJ319-6 small DBJJ319-1 small DBJJ473-1 small
Applique Monster 7 Applique Monster 8 Applique Animal Face 1
DBJJ473-9 small DBJJ473-10 small DBJJ473-11 small
Applique Animal Face 2  Applique Animal Face 3 Applique Animal Face 4
DBJJ473-5 small DBJJ473-6 small DBJJ473-7 small
Applique Animal Face 5 Applique Animal Face 6 Applique Animal Face 7
DBJJ473-8 small DBJJ473-2 small DBJJ473-3 small
Applique Animal Face 8 Applique Animal Face 9 Applique Animal Face 10
DBJJ473-4 small DBJJ095-3 small DBJJ095-7 small
 Applique Animal Face 11 Applique Car  1 Applique Car  2
DBJJ095-9 small DBJJ095-12 small DBJJ095-5 small
Applique Car 3 Applique Car 4 Applique Car 5
DBJJ095-4 small DBJJ095-11 small DBJJ095-8 small
Applique Car 6 Applique Car 7 Applique Car 8
DBJJ114-2 small DBJJ114-4 small DBJJ114-7 small
Applique Jungle Animals 1 Applique Jungle Animals 2 Applique Jungle Animals 3
DBJJ114-9 small DBJJ114-10 small DBJJ114-6 small
Applique Jungle Animals 4 Applique Jungle Animals 5 Applique Jungle Animals 6
DBJJ114-3 small

DBJJ114-5 small

DBJJ190-1 small
Applique Jungle Animals 7 Applique Jungle Animals 8 Applique Baby 1
DBJJ190-7 small DBJJ190-3 small DBJJ190-2 small
Applique Baby 2 Applique Baby 3 Applique Baby 4
DBJJ190-5 small DBJJ190-9 small DBJJ190-11 small
Applique Baby 5 Applique Baby 6 Applique Baby 7
DBJJ190-8 small

DBJJ190-10 small

DBJJ208-1 small
Applique Baby 8 Applique Baby 9 Applique Angel Teddy 1
DBJJ208-2 small DBJJ208-5 small DBJJ208-8 small
Applique Angel Teddy 2 Applique Angel Teddy 3 Applique Angel Teddy 4
DBJJ208-11 small DBJJ208-9 small DBJJ208-10 small
Applique Angel Teddy 5 Applique Angel Teddy 6 Applique Angel Teddy 7

 DBJJ207-2 small

 DBJJ207-9 small  DBJJ207-6 small

 Applique Sun Bonnet Sam 1

Applique Sun Bonnet Sam 2 Applique Sun Bonnet Sam 3
 DBJJ207-4 small  DBJJ362-4 small  DBJJ362-10 small
Applique Sun Bonnet Sam 4 Applique Sun Bonnet Sarah 1 Applique Sun Bonnet Sarah 2
DBJJ362-1 small DBJJ362-2 small DBJJ362-3 small
Applique Sun Bonnet Sarah 3 Applique Sun Bonnet Sarah 4 Applique Sun Bonnet Sarah 5
DBJJ254-2 small DBJJ254-9 small DBJJ254-11 small
Applique Down by the Sea 1 Applique Down by the Sea 2 Applique Down by the Sea 3
DBJJ254-5 small DBJJ254-12 small DBJJ254-7 small
Applique Down by the Sea 4 Applique Down by the Sea 5 Applique Down by the Sea 6
DBJJ254-8 small DBJJ311-1 small DBJJ311-12 small
Applique Down by the Sea 7 Applique Pirates 1 Applique Pirates 2
DBJJ311-7 small DBJJ311-13 small DBJJ311-9 small
Applique Pirates 3 Applique Pirates 4 Applique Pirates 5
DBJJ311-2 small DBJJ311-5 small DBJJ311-6 small
Applique Pirates 6 Applique Pirates 7 Applique Pirates 8
DBJJ102-9 small DBJJ102-10 small DBJJ102-4 small
Applique Birthday 1 Applique Birthday 2 Applique Birthday 3
DBJJ102-6 small DBJJ102-3 small DBJJ102-12 small
Applique Birthday 4 Applique Birthday 5 Applique Birthday 6
DBJJ102-5 small DBJJ102-13 small DBJJ102-8 small
Applique Birthday 7 Applique Birthday 8 Applique Birthday 9
DBJJ102-15 small DBJJ102-1 small DBJJ155-14 small
Applique Birthday 10 Applique Birthday 11 Applique Christmas 1
DBJJ155-5 small DBJJ155-10 small DBJJ155-11 small
Applique Christmas 2 Applique Christmas 3 Applique Christmas 4
DBJJ155-6 small DBJJ155-3 small DBJJ155-4 small
Applique Christmas 5 Applique Christmas 6 Applique Christmas 7
DBJJ215-3 small DBJJ215-12 small DBJJ215-9 small
Applique Christmas 8 Applique Christmas 9 Applique Christmas 10
DBJJ215-4 small DBJJ226-2 small DBJJ226-8 small
Applique Christmas 11 Applique Christmas 12 Applique Christmas 13
DBJJ226-4 small DBJJ226-5 small DBJJ226-6 small
Applique Christmas 14 Applique Christmas 15 Applique Christmas 16